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03 September 2019
A room with underfloor heating, soundproofing and sound absorption.

What are the effects of acoustics in buildings?

Well, these aspects of acoustics in any building vary depending on the use of the building. Most buildings must have a basic function to block out environmental noise, this is important for anything from commercial buildings and residential buildings to the educational sector. A buildings acoustics can influence the effects of noise disturbance which can have negative effects on your health, wellbeing and general quality of life.

Acoustics in Commercial

The majority of commercial premises have an open plan layout meaning reverberation noise can become a problem. This can hinder communication between colleagues and customers resulting in a decrease in productivity. Furthermore, a 2014 study by Steelcase and Ipsos found that ‘workers lost as much as 86 minutes per day due to noise distractions’ that could be easily solved with the right acoustical solution. Ideally taking into consideration workers’ health, well-being, and productivity which in turn would decrease reverberation noise whilst increasing concentration and productivity.

Acoustics in Education

Research was undertaken by London University, Institute of Education shows classrooms with poor acoustics can negatively affect academic performance. We’ve all experienced it, high noise levels in any environment are more distracting and have been proven to have negative effects on health. Julie Dockrel’s study states “those that have high cognitive processing demands involving attention, problem-solving and memory appear to be those most affected by exposure to noise”. We recognised the pitfalls in the educational sector with acoustics. Our acoustic supplier, Soundis, have a specific education range. Said range incorporates sound absorption baffles, panels as well as soundproof flooring, making education a better acoustic environment for everyone. Check out Soundis’ range for more information.

Acoustics in Residential

Noise within residential buildings is considered to be a health and safety issue. External noise such as noisy neighbours, nearby traffic and other outside influences are becoming progressively more problematic. Resulting in negative effects on occupant’s health. According to the World Health Organization Europe. ‘One in five Europeans is regularly exposed to sound levels at night that could significantly damage health.’ Most of us want our homes to be quiet with little external noise to disturb us. It is important to find a solution that is both effective and affordable for residents to protect them from harmful noise that may have a negative long term effect on their health.


There is a wide range of acoustical problems in the modern world, but with every problem comes a solution. What’s clear to us all is that when we are acoustically comfortable – no matter where we are, when unwanted noise is blocked and we can hear beneficial sounds – we’re more productive, happier and experience fewer health issues. Have you ever been affected by noise pollution and could there have been a solution?


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