5 Things Every Estimator Should Know About Quantity Surveying

5 Things Every Estimator Should Know About Quantity Surveying


In this post, we will be exploring some of the roles, skills, and techniques that every Estimator should know about quantity surveying. We’ve created a list of 5 things that we believe are essential to every Estimators job. So what should every Estimator know about quantity surveying?

Quantity Surveying

Systems to speed up tasks

In order to be an efficient Estimator, you need the ability to gather specific information relevant to the project and store it in a manner that allows you to refer back to it quickly. The organisation is, therefore, key to this role! To make things easier for yourself you should set up checklists, have ample templates and have some good estimating and project management software.

Planning with your client

A common construction pitfall is when a customer’s idea of the final product turns out to be vastly different from the one you had in mind. You must nail down every project detail with a good set of plans. Actual plans, not drawings.

It’s not enough to have drawn up basic concepts that you and your customer agreed on. You need plans that outline every facet of the project, and your customer needs to sign off on it.

Understanding regulations

An efficient estimator will know the applicable building codes, laws and regulations to help generate values. As an Estimator, you must be familiar with the Construction Lien Act, OSHA Standards and Labour Codes. You can save yourself a lot of headaches by staying familiar with relevant laws and regulations and by conducting yourself in a manner that protects you and the Stakeholders from legal issues.

Your job as an Estimator consists of more than just number crunching. To be a professional, good Estimator you must be well rounded in all aspects of the project. Knowing your role and the role of other professionals on the job will make your job a lot easier.

Mastering communication

Excellent communication is the ability to communicate your message effectively to the other party and for the other party to have a clear understanding of your message.

An Estimator is forced to communicate with numerous people throughout a Project’s Life Cycle. Your ability to deliver your message to Stakeholders, General Contractors and your team will help you be more efficient at your job.

Creating profits

Your Ultimate job as an Estimator is to generate profits for the Stakeholders. Costly mistakes and poor workmanship will have a negative impact on the project. If you make costly mistakes and don’t pay attention to details then you will be out of a job or business very quickly.

To ensure that you are profitable on every project you should constantly refer to your Systems, Templates, Check-lists, and Software to generate and prepare your values.


Your job as an Estimator is not easy and you must have the ability to pay close attention to detail. Along with providing cost data, the Estimator must understand the roles each professional involved in the project. We offer a range of services across all sectors as a manufacturer, supplier and installer of acoustic systems, whatever your needs, whether working to Approved Part E of the Building Regulations, Robust Detail or upgrading a space.

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