Acoustics in Sectors – Overview

Acoustics in Sectors – Overview Overview

For the next upcoming weeks, we will be posting weekly content around “Acoustics in Sectors”.


In these upcoming articles we will be explaining why acoustics are important in the specific sectors and explaining possible risks/ benefits of not having/ having high specification acoustic products. Our risks and benefits have not been magically created out of the air, but instead have been included from past experience and previous projects.

Construction Industry

The sectors we will be covering will include: Leisure, Offices, Restaurants & Bars, Showrooms, Educational and Retail, these projects have been included due to them typically being the most affected by poor acoustics and which have dramatic effect on buying/ learning and comfort.

With all of our articles our aim is:

  • Help you determine whether you have a problem
  • Help point out where that problems lays
  • What is required in solving that problem.

As with a majority of our projects, the actual problem isn’t highlighted until someone externally complains/ notices, as the person who needs to cope with it daily is typically unaware of the situation. Usually because they’ve gotten used to it, or they’ve classed it as “normal”. Now especially when managing or owning one of the buildings from the sectors list above, noise disruption can have a massive effect on someone. For example a study by the University of Salford found that acoustics can affect academic progress over a year even as much as 25%. Another study found an increase of 20dB can delay reading levels by up to 8 months.

If you have any problem with noise spreading outside of rooms or echoes within a room whether it’s domestic or commercial, feel free to speak to one of our technical specialists. As they will be able to point you in the right direction and help you resolve your issue.

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