Acoustics In Your Home

Sound Acoustics In Your Home

Sound has an astonishing ability to find its way through the smallest of gaps and can also transmit through the walls of residential buildings.


Residential buildings can include; apartment blocks, care homes, student accommodation and houses of single or multi story occupancy. The problem that residential buildings face is from unwanted impact and/or airborne sounds travelling throughout the structure.

Acoustics In Your Home

Airborne and impact are two ways in which sound can travel. Airborne refers to sounds that can travel through the air and into adjoining rooms, examples include; voices, snoring, music systems or television. Impact noise refers to sounds caused by impact such as light or heavy footsteps, moving furniture and even objects that have been dropped onto the floor. Impact noises send vibrations through the structure of a dwelling.

With all residential environments, noise levels can negativity affect a person’s mental health, including; sleep deprivation, lack of concentration, bad tempered and suffering from feelings of general irritability.

Whether you’re governed by Approved Part E of the Building Regulations, or simply upgrading your current dwelling to improve your quality of living, with our extensive soundproofing and sound absorption knowledge, we can offer a full solution on any noise related issue for new build projects as well as refurbishments. Our sales and technical team are able to provide a complete start to finish solution. On receipt of an enquiry, we offer guidance throughout the installation process, we feel this enables everybody to be well informed.

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