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Soundproofing in the Commercial Sector


Soundproofing should be a forefront consideration of any architect or building contractor. Noise pollution and its effects are a huge problem for millions of people and buildings, whether it is a distraction to students in education, or an accounts manager in their office environment.

Soundproofing Commercial Sector

All working environments will face a soundproofing or sound absorption issue at some point throughout its lifetime, whether that may be an office above you being too loud, thus making the noise bypass your ceiling to your space or may that be your office becoming more crowded causing echoes. All of these issues have a surprisingly negative effect on productivity, a recent survey seen that office workers are 66 percent less productive in an open-plan office than when working on their own, indicating that differentiation’s in noise levels have an effect on productivity.

However, this may all seem inevitable, how one can prevent such from happening seems pot luck, dependent on who you get as tenant around your office. If you were to think this, you would be wrong. In actual fact, there are many solutions available with today’s knowledge, and understanding of how sound waves travels. A space can be soundproofed to prevent noise leakage from the surrounding spaces or even absorption panels being applied to “soak” up the echoes.

Offering a range of services to the commercial sector, we pride ourselves in providing high standards and reasonable costs at all times. Whatever your needs, whether working to Approved Part E of the Building Regulations, Robust Detail or upgrading a space, you can be assured of the highest quality of work, best service and true accountability.

Pre-start, we will arrange for one of our qualified engineers to attend site, meet with you and discuss your requirements. Once our engineers have calculated the best options for your space, our team will present you with a customised solution that is both effective and aesthetically pleasing; we take into account every aspect and deliver the best possible solution for your project, on time and within budget.

We will provide a full survey and a detailed quote, including plans and timescales for the work which is to be carried out. Once work is completed, you’ll feel the immediate benefits of complete, discreet soundproofing from one of the UK’s leading commercial soundproofing experts.

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