Know Your Stuff. Frequent Questions – September

Know Your Stuff. Frequent Questions – September

Questions based on most frequent questions asked this month

Q. We live in the first-floor flat and we can hear our upstairs neighbours all time. Is there any soundproofing that can be applied to make the noise more bearable?

A. Is this airborne? (People talking/ TV) or impact (footsteps/ moving furniture)

If both, you would be best with our Soundproof Lay Plus (12mm thick)/ or our SoundDeck 37 (37mm thick). As both of these add mass (to combat the Airborne noise) but also provide an acoustical layer to soak up any impact.

As when dealing with impact noise, the product needs to be at the source, similar to dropping a brick on a solid floor, then dropping it on a sponge. Whereas airborne noise, needs to be isolated. This is achieved through mass and solid barriers, preventing the noise from passing. The majority of our range can be laid as a floating floor or direct to joist, making it easier and more conviant without disrupting the acoustical properties.

Q. We have cinema (and or Studio) room, however, we can hear people talking from the room next door. How can we resolve this matter?

A. With this situation, we’d ideally create a box within a box. Now just doing the walls, will reduce a majority of the noise from passing, so that’s the best place to start. Firstly, with such airborne noise, we need mass. Lots of mass. So we’d recommend our SoundBoard as it’s a 28mm thick soundproofing board, at 18.86kg per m2, this soundproofing board is the ideal solution for isolating any room. In addition to this, our SoundBoard can be applied directly to masonry, stud work and battens and once installed, any decorative finish can be applied.

With our “Know Your Stuff. Frequent Questions” campaign, we aim to help guide you on where to start the progress of soundproofing/ sound absorption, to highlight the type of noise, and then knowing which types of products you may need and why. Please note, the products suggested in the answers above, may not be the best for you. As each project is different and requires different types of soundproofing. So its always best giving us a call/ chat beforehand.

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