Sound Diffusion V Sound Absorption

Sound Diffusion V Sound Absorption

With the amazing response we got towards our “Soundproofing V Sound Absorption” article we have decided to do another similar, but instead on the differences in Diffusers and Sound Absorption.

So let’s start with Diffusion.

The easiest way to understand sound diffusion is to visualise scattered sound waves coming from the product, system. Whereas an environment which hasn’t invested into sound diffusion, you with have sound waves reflected perfectly perpendicular to your floors. As diffusion is the result of being able to spread the noise energy evenly in an environment, order to effectively reduce distinct echoes and reflections. As compared to a reflective surfaces (such as marble/glass), which will cause most of the energy to be reflected off at an angle equal to the angle of initial noise.

Sound Absorption

Secondly, sound absorption (if you haven’t already read our previous sound absorption article, I would recommend reading it here. As it covers sound absorption in greater detail). In a brief overview, sound absorption is a process of removing sound energy from a room, While Diffusers reflect sound waves to different directions, sound absorption solutions absorb the sound waves. Depending on the degree of the absorption, a highly absorbent material will only reflect a very little, but will absorb a lot (turning the sound energy into heat energy when the waves hit the absorbent material)

Overall, diffusers will cause the sound energy to be radiated in many directions, hence leading to a more diffusive acoustic space. On the other hand sound absorption products, which work by using soft absorbent materials to soak up any excess soundwaves, preventing them from reverberating (bouncing) around the room, thus eliminating the echoes.

Sound Diffusion and Sound Absorption products can be used together, to achieve optimal acoustic values, as they do allow to enhance the effectiveness of the systems combined.

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