Soundproofing Doors

Soundproofing Doors

Doors can often be the main source of noise leakage between areas. This is often due to the gaps between the door and the frame, and due to doors often being thinner and having less mass than walls, ceilings and floors.

Soundproofing Doors

As such, when designing the acoustics of a room, to say that doors are an incredibly important factor to take into account is an understatement. Unfortunately, doors are often thought of as being less important than other parts of the room, such as walls, or are forgotten about, leading to designers spending a large amount of money on kitting out parts of the room with acoustic solutions, then still suffering with noise issues due to a lack of adequate door soundproofing.

So what can be done to soundproof doors? One of the cost common and effective solutions is to get a specialist soundproof door. This is because these are more effective than other types of solution as they are designed to fit as closely to the frame as possible, leaving minimal gaps and also using mass to absorb and disperse sound. While many of these doors are thick in order to maximise mass, some also have a hollow space inside, where sound insulating material is placed. Gap sealers can also be placed at the bottom of existing doors.

Using a specialist door offers a much better solution than strapping panels to the door, as they would not be as effective. This is because panels often have less mass and are only effective on one side, meaning that if noise passes through the panels on one side of the door, the rear of the panels on the other side may not be as effective at stopping them. In addition, using panels will not provide the same protection from noise coming through gaps as an acoustic door would. Many acoustic doors also provide the bonus of fire protection, helping to ensure excellent fire safety within buildings.

As part of our wide range of acoustical solutions, we have soundproof doors available for supply such as the Sound Door Plus and the Sound Door Ultra. These doors provide superb levels of soundproofing performance and are economical and easy to install. They come in a wide range of timber veneers, sizes and finishes, ensuring that they are perfect for any kind of environment.

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