Top 10 Noise Facts

Top 10 Noise Facts

Reading Levels

A 20dB increase in noise, is enough to delay a student’s reading level by up to 8 months.


Direct exposure to sounds over 120dB without protection will often pass the human pain threshold.

Approved Document Part E Of The Building Regulations

The New Approved Document E of the Building Regulations, which sets out the required acoustic standards in builings, came into practise in 2003.

Wallace Sabine

Wallace Sabine (1869-1919) is widely credited with founding the field of the modern architectural acoustics, with his work on the Fogg Lecture Hall and Boston’s Symphony Hall.

Control Of Pollution Act (COPA) 1974

Noise from construction sites is controlled by the control of Pollution Act (COPA) 1974.


Despite being visualised as two dimensional waves forms, sound waves actually expand in all directions simultaneously.

1 Day Per Year Lost

Each year, noise pollution takes a day off the life of every adult and child in Europe.

150dB Jet Take Off

The average noise level of a modern jet during take-off is 150dB enough to cause eardrum rupture with a short amount of direct exposure.

1/10th Of An Echo

The human ear can’t distinguish an echo from the original sound if the delay between the two sounds is less than 1/10th of a second.

Republic XF-84H

The loudest aircraft ever made, the republic XF-84H, could be heard 25 miles away

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