Top 5 soundproofing errors

Top 5 soundproofing errors

Shopping for poor quality soundproofing material

Getting the correct soundproofing products is essential, like any other industry /product. Many of us suppose that any reasonably material can do for each style of noise, however this is merely not the case. Before buying any material, make sure you check the acoustical performance and the size of the product, alternatively ask one of our technical specialists for advice. As one company may have a lower cost, however the over product might be larger and heavier (better), but also, you need to ensure you’re buying the correct product for your solution.

Paying attention to urban myths concerning soundproofing

Many people pay too much attention into urban myths, such as, nailing the carpet to the walls and adding an extra layer of paint to the wall / ceiling. These might sound like the perfect solution, as its cheaper and you can do it yourself. However, these are all myths and won’t work no matter how many layers of paint you use. Each soundproofing product is made differently for different areas of the room, so next time, it’s worth buying the correct products.

Installing the soundproofing products incorrectly

This is another pricey mistake, a proper installation of the soundproofing product is key to its effectiveness. Even with the proper products, if they’re put in incorrectly, don’t expect them to effectively work to their expected acoustical properties. It’s like soundproofing a whole house but leaving the windows wide open, then complaining you can still hear the noise from outside.

Not following the proper techniques

I am most certain, at some point you’ve found that “extra” screw in the box which is the “spare” one, however this cannot be the case for soundproofing. Soundproofing products ought to be put in with patience and precision, as any break or gap within the products will render the entire factor of the systems effectiveness.

Pick and Mix

This may sound like the golden glow when you were a child, running down the sweets isle, choosing all of your best sweets. However, further down that isle we have soundproofing products. If you want a full system for your solution. It’s best using the same supplier. As when one begins picking different parts of a system from different suppliers, as it might be seen as “cheaper”. Your DIY system may not be effective, solve your solution and might not technically fit. As different companies use different materials/ thicknesses and styles. So the style might not fit together and fit as you’d expected, nor has it ever been tested.

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