What is an Acoustic Spray Plaster Solution?

What is an Acoustic Spray Plaster Solution?

An acoustic spray plaster solution is an extremely flexible seamless sound absorption solution. It’s a non-perforated, monolithic system consisting of a mineral fibre panel with a layer of micro-porous plaster.



UK Acoustic Systems can offer an install only as well as a supply and install. Our acoustic spray plaster of choice is a flexible plaster that behaves as a membrane sound absorber providing excellent sound absorption through the entire frequency range.

It is non-combustible (A2-s1, d0) and can be installed on flat, horizontal, vertical and pitched surfaces, vaulted ceilings and surfaces with irregular forms. It can be used in large areas with no need for expansion joints. All of our installers are highly skilled and undertake quarterly training at our training facility based in Preston.

Acoustic Spray Plaster System at Channel 4 Studios, Leeds

Where can acoustic spray plaster be used?

This seamless and complete solution can be adapted to a wide range of rooms, from home use, office space to conference halls, auditoria, theatres, recreational sports and educational areas. There are different variations of Acoustic spray plaster, our preferred plaster to install is environment-friendly, fully recyclable and has natural components that offer optimal sound absorption with extensive resistance to fire.

Design Centre Chelsea Harbour

Does acoustic spray plaster work?

Acoustic Spray Plaster has a structure that once applied acts as a membrane absorber reducing sound reflections making this product an excellent sound absorption solution. Spray-on acoustic plaster dampens noise, absorbs airborne noise thus contributing to restful acoustics within educational, leisure, residential, industrial and public spaces.

Acoustic Spray Plaster System at Channel 4 Studios, Leeds


Wilkins Building Materials (telephone number 0330 056 3195) offer an acoustic spray plaster called Absorb-R GypLine αw which is a seamless high performing versatile sound-absorbing system, a system with excellent eco-credentials. Our acoustic spray plaster is a contributing element of the exterior walls and/or the roof/ceiling assembly. Thermal Conductivity (ASTM C-177 @ 75 F on 6.0 PCF 0.22).

Acoustic Spray Plaster Solution

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