Why Acoustics Are Vital In Education

Why Acoustics Are Vital In Education

How acoustics can impact learning

Learning is a complex activity that supremely tests students’ motivation and physical condition. Learning can be broken up into four main categories, visual, auditory, read & write and kinaesthetic. However, all learning styles require a free flowing conversation between the students and lecturer. Recently recognised that the design of the facility and its acoustics can have a dramatic impact towards learning.

Soundproofing in Education

Nurseries, schools, colleges and universities all suffer from noise issues, whether that may be a; soundproofing problems arise due to noise travelling between rooms. Whereas sound absorption problems arise due to long reverberation times within rooms. Which impacts on audibility by distorting the teacher’s voice and amplify student noise levels, affecting concentration and productivity.

The Department for Education revised the Building Bulletin 93 which provides guidance to architects and acousticians through the process of the acoustic design of schools in the context of the various types of spaces and activities.

BB93 contains performance standards, acoustic principles, good design practice, calculation procedures and case studies on existing schools. Interior acoustics play a crucial role in class rooms and educational facilities as the transmission of the speech is required to occur with minimal distortion and loss.

With our extensive experience in soundproofing and sound absorption we can advise on and install absorption solutions in addition to soundproofing solutions that will efficiently resolve these problems, enhancing the performance of staff and the ability of children and students to gain the most from their education in their most crucial stages.

Over 30 years of experience and expertise within this sector allows us to offer the most innovative and effective soundproofing and sound absorption solutions for walls, floors, ceilings and doors, combating airborne and impact noise problems with optimum efficiency.

Our professional team will present you with a customised solution that is both effective and aesthetically pleasing, we will assess your needs and arrange for one of our qualified engineers to attend site, meet with you and discuss your requirements. We’ll provide a full survey and a detailed quote, including plans and timescales for the work which is to be carried out.

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