Why Soundproof your Ceilings?

Why Soundproof your Ceilings?

First of all, let’s clear the common misconception that soundproof / sound absorption products are the same.

Soundproof Ceilings

The main purpose of soundproofing products is to prevent noise transmission from one side of an object to another, by adding mass and using absorbing materials to prevent the soundwaves from passing through. Soundproof ceiling products such as our UKAS SoundBoard is to isolate the sound. To isolate the sound, you are effectively blocking the sound from passing through.

Whereas sound absorption on the other hand, while also lowering the sound level, it does this by reducing the persistence of sound within a room, such as echos. This is done by using soft absorbent material to soak up any excess sound waves, preventing them from reverberating (bouncing) around the room. Products such as our Absorba range will achieve this.

So if you have problem with the people shouting in the room above, you would be looking at our soundproof ceiling product, the UKAS SoundBoard, as you wanting to isolate that room. Sound absorption is mainly used in large open spaces, where there are lots of solid surfaces, such as restaurants, hotel lounges and sports halls as the noise will bounce around.

Another thing to note is, if you are trying to tackle impact noise, and seek out a ceiling solution for this fix. This wouldn’t be the best option, as for impact you ideally need to be at the source of the impact to make any dramatic improvements.

So why soundproof your ceiling? Soundproof ceiling solutions will isolate your room from any airborne noise from above, or your noise from travelling above. Helping you keep peace of mind when having any confidential conversations or to simply enjoy your TV show without hearing any shouting/ talking above.

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