Why Soundproof your walls?

Why Soundproof your walls?

For the majority of people, noises in a space of work or at home, is typically registered as nothing more than a slight annoyance or irritation. However, studies indicate these noises can have more of an impact to you and others than meets the ear.

Soundproof Walls

When attempting to soundproof your room, the first thing you need to do, is find out where the sound is coming from, and what type of noise is it. Once this has been complete, you’re already 50% there, as if you buy some wall boards, because you can hear noise from above… well, that isn’t going to work.

Once that stage has been complete, and you know its noise from your next door neighbour. We can tell it’s a wall solution required. With a wall solution it’s all down to airborne noise, so tackling airborne noise requires mass, a lot of it too. With our UKAS SoundBoard, not only does it comply with Approved Part E of the Building Regulations, it’s a 28mm slim line soundproofing solution, offering 43dB Rw + Ctr.

Getting back to the point, why should you soundproof your wall? These wall solutions, can dramatically improve room comfort, as the sounds will isolate your room from the external airborne noises. Wall soundproofing is ignored at the most part of the time, as people attempt to ignore that external noise. However, if you’re trying to watch a film, try to have a confidential conversation or even try get some peace and rest. Ignoring that noise is near impossible, on the other side of that, people will be able to hear you talk, so they’ll be able to experience everything you are. Wall solutions don’t require you to strip back all the walls, nor do they take months/weeks to complete. With the right product and right team of installers, you can go from a noisy environment to a calm relax one in no time

If you’re experiencing any noise from next door/ room next door, you can simply ring up of one of our offices and one of our technical specialists will be happy to assist you through identifying your best possible solution.

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