Why Soundproof your Floors?

Why Soundproof your Floors?

More often than not, people install soundproof flooring systems to comply with New Approved Document E of the Building Regulations. As these Regulations define the level of noise quality required for buildings in the UK.

Acoustic Flooring

Not only does it cover areas such as structural integrity and safety, but there is a section covering acoustics to ensure that new structures and conversions meet the expected level of soundproofing and sound absorption.

But soundproof flooring systems are ideal in providing room comfort, as they assist in tackling both impact and airborne, as it’s direct to the source (the footsteps), in addition they can offer high levels of mass to contribute in decreasing airborne noise.

Our UKAS flooring product range, can provide you with comfort, knowing you’re not making too much noise for your neighbours, but also, help you deal with any airborne noise coming from below.

A mistake most make is getting the floating floor system as close as possible to the wall, however is shouldn’t be an option, as the noise can travel through the system then up the wall. This is why we supply our every own UKAS Perimeter Edging strip also known as ‘Flanking Strip’ which isolates the perimeter wall and edging detail from the floating floor, maintaining the acoustic integrity.

With Overlays, Cradle & Battens and Direct to joist these systems can be used in a variety of spaces, to assist in decreasing the acoustics in the room.

Overlays are most popular for any conversions, as they are seen as a quicker fix to a problem. The UKAS Overlay Range can be lay over any existing systems in place, provide an easy to cut properties, aren’t required to be bonded to the sub-floor, meaning they may be loose laid if a sound test isn’t required.

Cradle & Battens are typically selected when a spacious service void is required for cables, underfloor heating systems and other appliances

Our systems are suitable for Domestic and commercial properties, available for Supply only or Supply & Installation.

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