Acoustic Spray Plaster, Lavazza Marlborough Street, London


Contemporary flagship concept store

The best Italian espresso to be experienced and enjoyed outside of Italy. This is what the opening of Lavazza’s new flagship store in London promises. As well as offering the finest blends, the three-floors store opened in Great Marlborough Street, the heart of the British capital, and it offers an immersive experience within the coffee culture that stimulates all five senses.

Lavazza has always been committed to promoting authentic Italian coffee traditions, whilst keeping an eye on the future and innovation. To this aim, Lavazza designed a contemporary concept store with contributions from renowned designers for a unique consumer journey.

The Caffetteria, the Grocery and the Takeaway areas on the ground floor, together with the Gastronomia, a restaurant space on the first floor, all combine to provide a 360° coffee experience.

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UK Acoustic Systems provided a cost competitive Supply & Installation service for the sound absorption requirements within this flagship store.

The sound absorption solution chosen was Absorb-R GypLine aw Acoustic Spray Plaster to the ceilings on the Ground Floor areas.

Absorb-R GypLine aw Acoustic Spray Plaster was chosen due to its seamless finish providing amazing reductions in reverberation times whilst blending into the look of the whole ceiling which gave a sophisticated but modern look complementing the style of the coffee shop. The colour of choice was deep navy to match in with the colour way of their logo
Acoustic spray plaster is a type of ceiling and wall finish that has sound-absorbing properties, but is disguised as a solid, smooth surface. It is often used in residential and commercial spaces to reduce noise levels, making it a great choice for homes, restaurants, museums, atrium’s, and other venues that require the control of both echo and reverberation.
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